• Listen. Design. Remodel.

    For 30 years, clients have welcomed us into their lives, entrusted us with their dreams and dollars, and received in return creative, well-crafted spaces and memories of a good experience.

    Friedell's walls of design and construction awards say much, but not everything. Behind every plaque, every project, are personalities, stories, and comings and goings that are ours to honor — with expressive surroundings that function and flow in kind.

    What we design and build lasts — the work, the relationships.

Remodel, Renovate, Reinvigorate !

Through all the years of work, we remain aware that our work is the remodeling of lives. While our days are consumed building decks, porches, kitchen remodels and master bathroom suites, what we really construct are new beginnings. The character of our clients is realized and released in each of these unique projects.

All our work is grounded in concepts of sustainability and with an eye for “aging in place” or when directed, multi-generational living. Stay tuned as we write more about these and other topics.

Friedell, Inc.
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